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Long-lasting, resistant, sterilized, unalterable and ergonomic.

Mitola sinks

Our collection of sinks from the Solid Surface collection offers countertops in white with a matt finish.

The Ibiza models can be manufactured with or without an apron front, so that they are suitable for both wall-mounting as well as for fitting in bathroom furniture.

Mitola sinks are long-lasting, resistant, hygenic and repairable.


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We have 6 sink models available: Ibiza (wih 3 options), , Mallorca (wih 2 options), Capri (wih 3 options), Cancún, Bali & Palma.

As well as all standard models and sizes, we manufacture models exclusively for our clients: Special models and sizes


The Ibiza model is availablewith or without an apron front of 10cm. It is also possible to add a backsplash of 5 to 9cm in height.


MITOLA SOLID is composed of two thirds natural minerals and one third top quality polymers (acrylic and polyester) which give great solidity, uniformity and beauty,, as well as extremely high resistance to chemical agents and fire.
Surfaces made in MITOLA SOLID have no pores, therefore there is no harmful bacteria or germs..

Main characteristics:

  • Resistant (stains, liquids and bangs)
  • Aseptic (no pores, unseen joints)
  • Unalterable (compact homogenous surface)
  • Clean (suitable for use with foodstuffs)
  • Ergonomic (adaptable to spaces and shapes)
  • Versatile (easy to use)
  • MITOLA Antibacteria – low demand (contains additives which impede the growth of certain bacteria on the surface of this material).