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CollectionElite Line

Our Elite Line of standard shower trays offers endless combinations which can be adapted to your needs, creating a collection that will ensure you enjoy your bathroom.

Platos ducha línea Elite

The Elite Line is a range of Mitola shower trays which are of outstanding quality and are available in a variety of finishes to customize your shower tray the way you want.

There are 4 models of Mitola shower trays, 8 colours and 3 textures which give you an infinite amount of combinations.

Our line of shower trays is CERTIFIED GRADE 3, which is the HIGHEST NON-SLIP RATING on the market.

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Models and Sizes

Mitola shower trays offer solutions for different needs.

There are 4 models of shower tray in this collection: Liwa, Zermatt, Lotus and Spirit, which can be square or rectangularso that you can choose the best one for your room.

There is a wide range of different sizes available for all models.

Liwa70 - 90 cm70 - 190 cm3 cm
Zermatt70 - 110 cm70 - 210 cm3 cm
Lotus70 - 90 cm70 - 190 cm3 cm
Spirit70, 80 cm110 - 160 cm3 cm
See image for standard sizes

Technology and surface

  • Material:

    The Mitola collection of shower trays is made with a composite of resin and mineral marble and covered with a layer of gel-coat. This coating is used for ships to protect the hull when it is in contact with seawater. The shower trays are cast in a mould giving each one a grade 3 non-slip surface.

    Density: 1.900 kg/m3. Absorption: 0,01%.

  • Slope of tray:

    Shower trays slope down towards drain between 1.3 % and 2.2%.

  • Drain valve:

    Is incorporated perfectly into the shower tray allowing extremely safe, rapid water draining.

  • Quality and safety:

    All of our shower trays have a grade 3 non-slip surface guaranteeing the safety of the whole family.

    Elite Collection shower trays have two years guarantee from the manufacture date.

  • Tests performed in an authorized laboratory:

    • UNE 127020: 1999EX – Correct water absorption
    • UNE 67028:1997EX – Non-freeze
    • UNE22179:1985: Thermal shock resistance (not produced)
    • UNE –EN ISO 10545-8: 1994 Linear thermal expansion (heat) 0.000008mm/ºC
    • UNE-EN ISO10545-8: 1994 Linear thermal expansion (cold) - 000002mm/ºC
    • UNE 67101/1M: 1992 Correct adhesion to base support
    • UNE 67101/1M: 1992 Surface scratch reistance level 7 on the Mohs scale.
    • UNE-ENV 12633: Grade 3 non-slip resistance
    • UNE-EN 14527: Satisfactory resistance to chemicals


You can choose from a wide range of colours:

or you can customize colours with those from the RAL chart.


Different textures are available: Stone M1, slate M2 and smooth.

Drainage grate

You can choose from a rectangular or square stainless steel grate.

Rectangular stainless steel grate model

Square stainless steel grate Lotus model

Square stainless steel grate model

Normal12,7 cm12,7 cm
Spirit 7057,3 cm11 cm
Spirit 8067,3 cm11 cm

Maintenance and cleaning

If a problem on the surface of the shower tray occurs during installation, we offer a repair kit for each colour so that the problem can be immediately corrected. The kit costs 40 euros.

For daily cleaning use a sponge with water and soap, and rinse well with plenty of water.

To calculate the weight of the shower tray and wooden packaging

Multiply the width by the length of the shower tray in cm and then by 6.5

For example:
The weight of a 80 x 140 shower tray Multiply 80cm x 140cm x 6.5= 72.800g = 72 kilos which is the weight including packaging.


This company complies with requirements established by the European Union REGULATION (EU) 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL on 9th March 2011, regarding CE marking of products for construction.

Shower trays manyufactured by our company comply with criteria set out in the harmonised standard regulation EN 14527:2006 + A1:2010 "Shower trays for domestic use" Class 2, the standard required for CE marking. Furthermore, the shower trays have the highest non-slip standard in accordance with Class 3 Slip Resistance UNE ENV 12633:2003.

Product quality certificate aidima

Product quality certificate