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Products which are basically for the exterior are made in fibre glass, an ideal material for exteriors which does no lose quality over time.

Mitola Furniture

Mitola also offers a line of furniture made in fibreglass which is excellent for both interiors and exteriors as it is highly resistant to weather conditions. This material is resistant to knocks, sun, water and saltpetre.



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Maintenance and cleaning

You will not have to worry about maintenance as this material is extremely resistant.

For daily cleaning just use a damp cloth.

Technology and surface

Our furniture is made with fibreglass, which is a fibrous material obtained by making molten glass flow through fine holes, and when this solidifies it is flexible enough to be used as a fibre.

Typical benefits of using fibreglass in manufacturing furniture instead of other materials like PVC, polypropylene or ABS include: high resistance, little weight, dimensionally stable, corrosion resistant, excellent electrical resistance and design flexibility


This company complies with requirements established by the European Union REGULATION (EU) 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL on 9th March 2011, regarding CE marking of products for construction.

Shower trays manyufactured by our company comply with criteria set out in the harmonised standard regulation EN 14527:2006 + A1:2010 "Shower trays for domestic use" Class 2, the standard required for CE marking. Furthermore, the shower trays have the highest non-slip standard in accordance with Class 3 Slip Resistance UNE ENV 12633:2003.

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Product quality certificate