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Lotus Cream RAL 1015Lotus Cream RAL 1015Lotus Cream RAL 1015Lotus Cream RAL 1015

Lotus Cream (RAL 1015), the new Mitola shower tray, is lightweight, being 35% lighter than normal; furthermore it has its own stainless steel grate in the centre of the tray.

This shower tray is manufactured in polyester resins and mineral charges, with an interior structure in the same color. It is 3cm thick with a level III non-slip surface.

Different sizes are available and can be painted in any colour.

Impact resistantImpact resistant

Non-slip surfaceNon-slip

Easy to cleanEasy to clean


Available in differents sizesAvailable in differents sizes

Height 3cmHeight

Available in all of the colours of the RAL chart.Available
in all of the colours of the RAL chart.

Square grilleSquare

CEThis company complies with requirements established by CE

Ref. Lotus-RAL 1015

Material: resin with mineral fillers
Shape: rectangular or square
Color: RAL 1015
Texture: slate M1
Height: 3 cm
Type of assembly: fitted in floor
Drain: square
Drain position: centre

This company complies with requirements established by the European Union REGULATION (EU) 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL on 9th March 2011, regarding CE marking of products for construction.

Shower trays manyufactured by our company comply with criteria set out in the harmonised standard regulation EN 14527:2006 + A1:2010 "Shower trays for domestic use" Class 2, the standard required for CE marking. Furthermore, the shower trays have the highest non-slip standard in accordance with Class 3 Slip Resistance UNE ENV 12633:2003.

Product quality certificate aidima

Product quality certificate