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About us

The Mitola brand is from Unitraing Asociados SL, a company founded in 2000 in La Sénia, Tarragona (Spain). The company manufactures and designs top quality shower trays and furniture, created to add extra convenience, safety and comfort.

Our shower trays are adaptable and are suited to any surroundings whether they are in the home, or in businesses such as hotels, health resorts or spas etc.

Our fibre glass furniture is ideal for both the interior and exterior as they are very resistant to weather conditions.


We are completely dedicated to our work, which means we are continuously developing new collections to solve the needs of every client. We currently have four different lines of shower trays so that you can choose the one that suits your needs.


We have a big team of designers and researchers who develop shower trays with care and knowledge of materials, the manufacturing process and design, always giving quality and safety in every product.

Personalized treatment and top production processes which are guaranteed mean we can offer the best quality at great prices.

International presence

Mitola distributes products In Europe, Africa and Asia by means of our network of commercial offices. One of our basic premises is international growth and development. This means that we are constantly in contact with market demand and client’s needs to be able to guarantee excellent service.

We are firmly committed to expanding and make constant effort to have solid, stable relationships with our clients.

We are always searching for innovative designs, adapting at all times to the needs of each and every market and the different demands of all kinds of consumer.


Our manufacturing processes are subject to strict standards of official approval and constant checks and tests to guarantee a high quality product whilst respecting the safety and health of our workers.

Our factory in La Sénia has modern production systems, which are in keeping with the latest technology for manufacturing shower trays and fibre glass furniture.

Mission, mission, values

Our mission is to offer top quality and safety in all of the shower trays that we design, manufacture and distribute.

Our vision is to make our company a benchmark in shower trays. We have an efficient, dynamic team of reliable professionals, who are constantly updating research and developing new materials and products always keeping sustainability in mind.

Our values are: offer quality products, commitment to end results, personalised customer service, honesty and integrity and offer products which are environmentally friendly.